Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I dont know exactally how im feeling. Happy sad lost confused zoned out and bored possiblyy. hm. what a random pile of emotions. maybeeh i shud get up and go find something to do. The internet can keep me busy all day weather im listening to or downolading music, on photobucket looking at life quotes or awesome pickteurs, or emailing a friend or looking up lyrics to a song... or blogging... lmao. sometimes its like it has turned me into a zombie and i dont even realize how much of my time i have wasted. Or is it wasting time when you dont have anything else to do?? There are lottttsss of ways to waste time but i always go for the less boring ways. i totalleh have to get my HW done so i pass this year, hopefully making up for last year. woo :\ and now its time to pick up the phone. call someone. and go somewhere. and be happy.

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