Wednesday, October 28, 2009

U wud so have to be insanely stupid to dress like this...

Okayyy sooo i am going to tell you about the most stupid fashions and things that annoy the hell out of just about anyone (if your normalll... it depends. haha) these are my most hated top 10.

1. LEG WARMERS. No. just no. their so ugly and they have no purpose to exist!!! they make your legs look akward and theres just nothing good about them!!! If you really want your legs to be warm... WEAR PANTS!!!

2. UGGS and OBNOXIOUSLYY FUZZY BOOTS. If you are a vegetarian.. dont wear uggs. Their made of sheepskin. I am totally against buying clothes made out of animals. just think about it... an animal had to die so it could be worn on your feet. you cant spell uggly wthout ugg. as for fuzzy boots.. they make your feet look huge and beastly. bad beastly.

3. POPPED COLLORS. lets just get to the point here... they make you look like a douchebag!!!

4. MOM JEANS. Oh gawd. mom jeans are from the devil. You wont have a phat butt... you will have a FAT but if you wear them. so just dont.

5. WHEN FAT PEEPS WEAR SKINNY JEANS. Im not trying to offend anyone here or hurt anyones feelings so dont be a hater tater. im just saying that they will make your hips look HUGE and they just dont look good on some people. Skinny jeans are for skinny people!! I wear skinny jeans all the time and i love them.

6. THE COLOR BROWN. it may be just me but i dont wear anything brown. I think it is the most uglie color to wear. I just stick with my bright neon colors and my black shirts and tanktops and my band tees.

7. SANDALS. some sandals are pretty but some are just uglee and look like somethan that jesus would wear.

8. CROCS. bottom line uglee and they look like a fashion retarted unicorn threw up all over your feet.

9. MAN FLIP FLOPS. i love my flippy floppies in the summer but dudes should NEVER EVER EVVERRR wear flip flops. its just... NO!

10. FLARE JEANS. they look okay on some people but on other people they make you look like you have elephant legs. I wud never ever ever ever evrrrr wear them!!! They just bother me... in so many ways XD

so these r my top ten. leave a comment if i left anything out. <33

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get ready for the next zombie Apocalypse

If zombies took over the world... we should all live in firetrucks. I mean if you think about it it makes lotts of sense. Where else would u live? The zombies wud prolly set peoples houses on fire. So hey. why not live in a fire truck?? You could blast the zombies with the fire hose and press all the colorful buttons in hope that something will explode or set on fire. They shud keep guns in a firetruck. U needs to be armed!! I would be driving my firetruck down the street rele fast so it would run over some zombies. mwahaha(evillaughh) Then i could make some sniper dude stand on the top of the truck with a machine gun or somethan and BOOM. Hellz yeaa!! That shet wud be epicc!!! OMG or instead of using the fire extinguishers like their supposed to be used you can throww them at the zombies. I wonder if zombies could die if their alredyy dead.. hmm... I dont kno and i dont care. this is hillarious because i can just imagine me driving uber fast in a firetruck full of random people running over zombies who are trying to set the world on fire. XD ahhaaaaahaha! What if they had flamethrowers??? HOLY SHETT!!! Well how else would they light the world on fire?? will u survivee?? put on ur firehelmets and prepare for the next ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE...which may never happen but whatever. :P

Saturday, October 24, 2009


HOLLUH!! so this is a post about skittles. SHITTLES!!! yea. thats right. I said SHITTLES!!! its anuther werd for skittles. I thought i invented it and i was all proud of myself but NOO. I googled shittles and someone else already invented it. :( red and green skittles are the best and i hate the purple ones. Their gross. Another failed attempt in shittle making is CHOCOLATE SKITTLES. they look like POOP NUGGETS!!!!! no lies. go freaking buy them and see for yourself. They taste like shettt... therefore well deserving of the name SHITTLES. They dont even deserve to be called a skittle. Their like gross imposter M&M's. like seriously. so people who work at the skittles company... peease dont mess with skittles. They were fine the way they were until you people go and decide to make these wierd crazy shittle flavors. Whats next? Nacho cheese skittles????? Seriouslyyyyy?????

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

=^._.^= Hello thar...

Okay sooo... this is a blog about random shit. how exciting! lol. Halloween is comming up soon and thats like the second best holiday of the year! (the first best is christmas) what other day of the year do you get free candy from knocking on peoples doors? it dosent work any other day of the year... haha