Sunday, November 22, 2009

SHOES!! lets get some!

Okayyyz so thas is a story about shoes that my bro had to write for an english class thing but i thout it was hilarious!!! LMFAO!! :D

The fist time I saw him I hated him. He was short and so fat and from what i saw, he probly never took a shower in the past month or so. I thought he would stretch me out and rip out my seams , I’m not looking forward to that.

I’m on a display rack in a awesome skater store (woot woot!) . I’m on a rack. I’m a black with red labels on both sides that say DC on it. Everyone wants me and they don’t have the money to buy me. Because I’m so expensive and the only person that can afford me was a fat kid. But I didn’t no that until he came over to me and said something to the person that works there and he put me in a box and he brought me over to the counter and the next thing I remember is that someone opens the box and when the box all I see is the fat kid oh no im going to be in trouble for the rest of my life. I thought unless I get returned and I get resold to another person that would be my fate.
And of course two weeks later im still with fatty. He has to take me to school for the first time I thought this couldn’t be good. I was hoping he would fall flat on his face and humiliate himself in front of hundreds of kids... oh so much for my hopes and dreams. He stuffed me in a dark bag with pencils books and notebooks And after about an hour I saw the light and I didn’t kno where I was and then he just put me on his stinky feet again. oh to this day i still have nightmares about those cankles of his. The next he’s in a canoe fifteen minutes in he drops his oar the water and he goes to reach for the our. He’s so fat that when he when he tried to reach for the oar he capsized the boat. And he fell into the water and of course he doesn’t get wet the only thing that gets wet was me and his feet. The waters only up to his ankles and he doesn’t get wet. I thought whales loved the water.
About one year later im all brown with dirt, my color is fading and im ruined until one day some day at school this random person picks me up because fat kid left me on the bench in gym. haha. fatty. haha. And he takes me home cleans me off and dries me out finally im with a person that has tight abs yo! nd that’s not creepy finally im having a good life.

Friday, November 20, 2009

nd whatever

today i have nothing useful to say.   :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

D: what tha hell????

tangelos are such akwarrd fruits.