Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Almosssttttttt christmas

Well its almost christmas but it dosent rele feel like it. Im just not into it this year i guess. People keep asking me what i want nd stuff but i cant think of anything. I guess i just have it all even though it reele dosent seem like it. lol ohhhh whatever. give me a unicorn and a a flying car and were alll good. lmfaoo.

Okeeeyyyyy so enough about christmass.  i want it to snowww. so i can go outside and build a snowmann. I will make a zombie snowman. How cool wud that be?

Rite noww i wish i had a Monster and i wish my phone was workingg.
hmmmmmmmmmnmnm. :) 


  1. Doesn't it suck when someone asks you what you want for Christmas but you can't think of ONE THING? All that pressure makes your brain blank, or something. Lmfao. (: