Saturday, October 24, 2009


HOLLUH!! so this is a post about skittles. SHITTLES!!! yea. thats right. I said SHITTLES!!! its anuther werd for skittles. I thought i invented it and i was all proud of myself but NOO. I googled shittles and someone else already invented it. :( red and green skittles are the best and i hate the purple ones. Their gross. Another failed attempt in shittle making is CHOCOLATE SKITTLES. they look like POOP NUGGETS!!!!! no lies. go freaking buy them and see for yourself. They taste like shettt... therefore well deserving of the name SHITTLES. They dont even deserve to be called a skittle. Their like gross imposter M&M's. like seriously. so people who work at the skittles company... peease dont mess with skittles. They were fine the way they were until you people go and decide to make these wierd crazy shittle flavors. Whats next? Nacho cheese skittles????? Seriouslyyyyy?????

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