Monday, October 26, 2009

Get ready for the next zombie Apocalypse

If zombies took over the world... we should all live in firetrucks. I mean if you think about it it makes lotts of sense. Where else would u live? The zombies wud prolly set peoples houses on fire. So hey. why not live in a fire truck?? You could blast the zombies with the fire hose and press all the colorful buttons in hope that something will explode or set on fire. They shud keep guns in a firetruck. U needs to be armed!! I would be driving my firetruck down the street rele fast so it would run over some zombies. mwahaha(evillaughh) Then i could make some sniper dude stand on the top of the truck with a machine gun or somethan and BOOM. Hellz yeaa!! That shet wud be epicc!!! OMG or instead of using the fire extinguishers like their supposed to be used you can throww them at the zombies. I wonder if zombies could die if their alredyy dead.. hmm... I dont kno and i dont care. this is hillarious because i can just imagine me driving uber fast in a firetruck full of random people running over zombies who are trying to set the world on fire. XD ahhaaaaahaha! What if they had flamethrowers??? HOLY SHETT!!! Well how else would they light the world on fire?? will u survivee?? put on ur firehelmets and prepare for the next ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE...which may never happen but whatever. :P

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