Thursday, May 27, 2010

im sitting around, listening to the thunder and lightning outside wondering what to type. *over exagerated sigh* today was okay i guess aside from all the drama at school. theres way too much drama for such as small school. everybody talks crap on eachother and people skip school because of it. i am not one to talk about other people though.. well maybe sometimes. its clearly insane, may i point out. wow its really thundering outside. and now i think why im in this crap school. i had it all before i went out and messed it all up. i used to go to a school i loved ( makes you think about how many people you know that love school. you dont really realize what you have until its gone. hence my story.) and i had a bf that actually cared about me. everyone wants to be cared about. its just life i guess. but one saying that i dont quite have a grasp on is this one "if you cant love yourself,,, you wont be able to love anyone else." and i found out that this statement is flawed and not true. but now im just wondering what went wrong. i need to get out of this stupid drama filled school and fix this whole mess that is now a part of my life. since im so determined about everything, i know i can do it. note that you may know nothing about me just by reading my blog. but you know you like it that way. LoLL

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