Wednesday, March 3, 2010

no school equals no drama. i went to mickey dees (for those of you who dont know its mc donaldsss) nd got one of those shamrock shakes. totally awesomeee!!!!!! :p so yea lol tha best part of my dayee other than not goin to school :)imma goin out laterz nd i have nothing good to wear. jeezee my life is so hardd(haha only sometymes) i dun like not having anything to wear butt thats what malls are for nd shopping is the funnest. i wud go if i could drive but until my bday in may, i dun have my license. i have said it like a thousand times but everything wud be so much easier if i cud drivee.
and thats the thing about life.
one minute you love it
you hate it.

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